When Pulpits Did Like Beacons Flame.


For centuries, the pulpit has stood as focal point for proclaiming the eternal Word of God. In ages past, it was also a place from which heretics were accused, wars were declared, kings were reproached, and all manner of secular business was conducted. 

In our own day, it has become in too many cases a quaint outpost where no threatening, pious suggestions are proffered-and often to indifferent hearers. 

How did this happen, and can a reexamination of the history of preaching bring about a renewal of this once-vital source of "perennial wisdom"? 

John Thornton, co-editor of Tongues of Angels, Tongues of Men, a Book of Sermons (Doubleday) to be published this year, draws on the riches of the Judeo-Christian tradition for illuminating answers.




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