Going Digital




There are two hallmarks of digital video (DV) - quality and ease-of-use. Like all camcorders, DV camcorders use CCDs to capture the moving images, but they store the images in a high-quality, endlessly reproducible, easily edited, digital format.

Video editing is greatly simplified because the video can be transferred to the computer without conversion, digitally edited on-line, and then copied back to a digital tape.

Not only is it easy, there is no loss of image quality as there is in the analog world. Once on the computer, you can also easily send short clips as e-mail attachments or post them on Web sites. Digital is the universal format.

Digital imagery is the fastest-growing area of photography, with changes and improvements in products and techniques occurring almost daily.

Affordable Digital Video (DV) cams have vastly improved the resolution and overall quality of raw footage, and the firewire interface (IEEE 1394) has done away with the need for expensive third party capture cards. DV cams are now popular at the consumer level and promise to become cheaper and better in the near future


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