Going Digital

  • DV offers better image quality. The images are sharper and the color is richer and more accurate. At least twice as good as VHS and competitive with broadcast quality video.
  • DV cameras are smaller than other formats, with some even fitting into a shirt pocket.
  • Copies of digital videos, and copies of copies, are as sharp as the original. 
  • Digital videos are easy to transfer to the computer and are already in the required digital format. Once on the computer, they are easy to edit, and you can even e-mail clips or post them on a Web site. You can even distribute longer videos on CD and DVD discs.
  • Since all of video will eventually be digital, why not start now.
  • Digital videos have audio thatís CD quality.
  • Digital video uses component color sampling to retain three times as much color information as analog VHS and S-VHS video. The net result is brighter and truer colors.
  • Time Base Correction stabilizes the picture, virtually eliminating video jitters.
  • Error Correction fills in missing video data, providing seamless, professional-looking video.

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