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Videofact International Documentary


  • The worldwide specialist in archiving and supplying documentary features and films.
  • Thousands of hours of films in our archives offer film producers, researchers and historians unique and mostly unpublished before documentary material that practically is nowhere else to be found.
  • These items are available to the public via screenings, research facilities, and licensing as stock footage for professional productions.
  • Videofact is a leading supplier of unpublished or rarely seen documentary materials for documentary films, history programs, commercial promotions and Internet based projects.
  • In the field of unique and never before published materials, which are of strategic importance to the company, Videofact works in cooperation with news and documentary film producers.
  • Our documents for the Cold War project, media campaigns, educational programs. History of the video clips.
  • Archives of unique photographs and documents.
  • We support the creation and exploitation of catalogues of video, photographs and documents to be distributed digitally across borders to a wider audience.
  • Have you noticed the renaissance of documentary filmmaking going on around you?
  • Digital life and digital technology. Going digital, DVD pages, digital video editing, digital movies, tips for digital living, digital video basics. New technologies. High Definition HD, Blue-ray DVD.
  • Been involved in a news story or felt its impact? Send us your story.
  • This project needs your support.
  • Digital Learning Center. Video solutions. Keep you informed on the latest technologies and strategies. Video on cell phones. Today's tip
  • Digital moviemaking, editing digital video, digital video for beginners.
  • Documentary filmmaking, like the rest of the world, has moved online.
  • Join documentary filmmaking groups and associations where you live.
  • Shooting and editing a documentary.
  • Ready to discover your inner filmmaker? Shoot a summer blockbuster of your own and share it with your family and friends.
  • With your support, Videofact will digitize and post online more documentary materials to preserve invaluable historic resources.
  • Interested in purchasing a text link from us?
  • Awards for our website.
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